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Ningbo Shenghe Lighting Co., Ltd.

A distinguished designer and manufacturer of ourdoor lighting fixtures

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    311, Penglai Rd, Dancheng, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Shenghe Lighting is a distinguished designer and manufacturer of ourdoor lighting fixtures, including LED flood lights, LED wall lights, LED security lights, LED step lights, LED spolights, outdoor ceiling lights, LED in-ground lights, and submersible lights. For over two decades, Shenghe Lighting has built itself an excellent track record of offering value added specification grade products that redefine the application of cutting-edge lighting technologies. The superior line-up of Shenghe's products integrate the requirements of architects, designers and engineers with a consistent flow of lighting innovations through a forward-thinking approach and collaborative development process.

Shenghe Lighting provides fully-integrated OEM/ODM solutions for top architectural and commercial lighting brands in the world. From the initial product concept through to industrial design, and prototyping all the way to high volume production, Shenghe Lighting's integrated design and manufacturing capabilities provide a complete end-to-end solution through its robust manufacturing infrastructure. Encompassing a functional area of 27,000 square meters, the company's manufacturing facility is fully equipped with tools, instruments and machinery to explore, develop and implement new cutting edge technologies while ingraining its culture of  sophisticated lighting design, meticulous craftsmanship, dynamic customization, and competitive pricing.

Through lean, reliable, and flexible manufacturing processes, Shenghe Lighting achieves a high level of profitability by streamlining its value-added activities for improved efficiency and effectiveness. The internal process optimization also assists in tighter control of every step of the production process. With integrated quality control through ISO 9001 registered procedures, Shenghe Lighting's products are built to last with flawless performance and failsafe reliability.
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